If you’ve realized that you have weak knees, painful joints, or some other condition that makes a high-impact exercise difficult, you may have given up on fitness. But, low-impact workouts are readily available and are a great way to fit in a heart-pumping workout while also reducing the pain and risk of injury. For a great impact that’s easy on your body, try one of these exercises.

1. Rowing machine

You can even get these at home. But this is a great cardio activity that’s available both on the water and in the gym. The rowing machine is an overall workout for your arms, legs, back, and core muscles. Many of the rowing machines in gyms have adjustable lengths and resistances so that you can get some variety in your workout. It’s hard to beat that combination!

2. Strength training

The best way to get strength training into a good routine is to work with a trainer to get exercises that will work all major muscles in the group. However, if you’re just trying to incorporate some strength training exercises into your workout, you should try squats and lunges, or supermans. If you’re interested in a workout that really builds muscle and increases your metabolism, then a strength training element is almost essential to your workout routine.

3. Swimming

Let’s face it. There’s a reason why all the older women take water aerobics classes. It’s because water sports are one of the least damaging to your joints, so if you have trouble with painful joints, swimming is your best option. You may want to join a class, but if not, just jump right in and start swimming laps.You’ll strengthen your body while also improving your lung function.

4. Yoga

You may be surprised at how many health benefits that you can see from yoga. It’s a great workout routine that not only gives you a good workout, also improves your flexibility and can also help with other chronic aches and pains. So, if you’re not interested in enrolling in a yoga class, you may want to try to do this exercise at home with a video. You’ll get much of the same benefits and you may even feel a little more comfortable.

5. Elliptical

Just because you have to give up running as a high-impact activity, that doesn’t mean that every machine at your gym is high-impact. You’ll be surprised to find out that the elliptical puts less impact on your legs and some machines also give you a good workout for your arms as well. Try one of the pre-made routines to add some spice and challenge to your routine.

6. Pilates

If you’re trying to get great abs, you may be surprised that pilates is the road to get there. Even a shorter pilates session will strengthen your core and increase your flexibility in just a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at how great of a workout this is and even if you’ve scoffed at pilates before, you certainly won’t after spending a few minutes on this routine. Pilates is available at many gyms, but you can also do this handy exercise at home for maximum convenience.

7. Ballroom dancing

This last idea may not be a huge hit with the guys, but take a piece of advice from the toned bodies on those dancing shows. Not only is dancing an easy way to impress your partner, it’s pretty low impact on the body and a great workout. An hour of dancing is surprisingly calorie-burning and you’ll be sweating by the end of your time there. So, take a partner or meet someone at the sessions and take up dancing. Remember that other types of dancing may be high-impact, but ballroom is usually a safe choice.

Don’t neglect your physical fitness and take steps to stay fit and active with these low impact workout ideas.

Photos by sportsandsocial , Rance Costa